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RFID Case Study: Gillette and Provia Part One: Background
The goal of the pilot project was not to see whether RFID tags on pallets and cases could be read automatically (although one should not assume that it is easy

1 50 scale trucks  and at a Tier 1 warehouse environment. As a result, Gillette now has a distribution facility utilizing the RFID technology where Provia's ViaWare WMS has been used for some time to track and monitor RFID tags on select products as they arrive and depart the facility. The ability to track products through their production life cycle has reportedly enabled Gillette not only to reduce losses resulting from out-of-stock, stolen, or lost products, but also to improve efficiencies across its operations by Read More
Small Business Software (SBS)
The Small Business Software (SBS) evaluation model targets functional requirements for fully featured solutions designed to support all business requirements of a typical small business. Extending ...
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Documents related to » 1 50 scale trucks

Will Glovia Glow Again Through Its Hub And VARs?
While Glovia continues its revamping as a holistic B2B e-business provider for manufacturers and service companies beyond core ERP, its ongoing management

1 50 scale trucks  solving common business problems: 1) Enterprise Selling Hub , 2) Enterprise Procurement Hub and 3) Enterprise Integration Hub . The future could therefore bode well for Glovia given the backing from the ~$50bn Fujitsu parent, blue chip customers like Caterpillar , Dell Computer , Panasonic , Eaton Semiconductor and Ericsson , its functionally solid and also scaleable ERP system, and its new push with e-business collaboration enabling products. The company's vision appears to become the leader in B2B e-com Read More
Global Business Community Management
With more manufacturing being outsourced, and suppliers located farther afield than ever, logistics is much more complex than it used to be. To simplify the

1 50 scale trucks  of three since the 1960s, but their cost has increased by a factor of 10. Man-made disasters are also on the rise, from terrorist attacks and military conflicts to computer viruses. Import Implications Then there's the wrinkle that didn't exist when all of your business partners were in the same country as you. Now, customs processing and security checks are also pieces of the puzzle. One wrong or missing document may result in your vital supplies being stuck in a bonded warehouse for days or weeks. Read More
Asset Performance Management: The Secret to Uncovering Hidden Profits and Ending Operating Surprises
Top performers optimize their assets. It’s true in any field—sports, the arts, and business. Yet in business, optimizing performance of capital assets often

1 50 scale trucks  of the executive suite. 1 Datastream 2 Dow Jones Equity News 3 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 4 ARC Advisory Group THE EVOLUTION OF ASSET PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT Asset Performance Management has the power to overcome the maintenance stigma because it has the power to change operational performance. It completes the evolution from maintaining assets to optimizing assets for higher profits and better overall performance on the bottom line. Figure 1: Evolution of Asset Management CMMS EAM Asset Management Read More
Driving Costs Out of the Supply Chain: Inbound Logistics
One of the most neglected areas of the manufacturing and retail supply chain is the inbound logistics segment. Following best practices and creating a

1 50 scale trucks  optimization. For example, Figure 1 illustrates the scope of constraints on bulk logistics optimization. Such constraints include: Many bulk products, including some chemical and most agricultural products, are perishable and must be delivered to customers within a fixed time. The allocation of freight resources to ensure timely delivery is less a question of cost than it is of customer service Many bulk products are produced in continuous 24/7 production processes in which plant shutdowns are costly, Read More
Identifying the ROI of a Software Application for Supply Chain Management Part 4: Just Give Us the Bottom Line
Managers weighing an investment in software for supply chain face pressure to be right. Looking for a precise calculation of ROI often results in making an

1 50 scale trucks  at the end of 12 months if it is sold. So he or she scans a list of stock picks in one of the many financial publications, chooses the company ranked at the top, and then places a bet because at that point, the decision is little more than a bet based on an uninformed hunch. It is likely that this person will be sadly disappointed in the return. The investor will probably try to recover the loss with an equally unconsidered investment decision, leading to a cycle of poorly informed decisions. Obviously, Read More
iProcess.sct Enters Golden Gate Opportunity
SCT Corporation is selling its Process Manufacturing and Distribution Solutions Division to two California-based investors. SCT is thus joining the fray of

1 50 scale trucks  Event Summary On April 11, Golden Gate Capital , a San Francisco based investment firm, announced the signing of a definitive agreement with SCT Corporation (NASDAQ: SCTC), a global provider of leading technology and business solutions, to acquire the process manufacturing and distribution software business of SCT. Golden Gate Capital, which has appointed Jim Schaper, a 25-year software industry veteran, to be the CEO of the newly independent company, Agilisys (formerly called SCT GMDS ), will retain the Read More
United Messaging Extends Global Reach ~ Opens Offices in London and Amsterdam
Having opened offices in both London and Amsterdam United Messaging is well on its way to securing a strong foothold in the messaging Application Service

1 50 scale trucks  to include support for 11 languages to satisfy the needs of multinational corporations. United Messaging has also appointed President and Chief Operating Officer, Robert F. Jones as president of United Messaging Limited to manage the EMEA operations. In addition to Mr. Jones' appointment to President of EMEA operations, United Messaging has hired Stephen Wilson, formerly a Lotus consulting unit director, to head up EMEA consulting services; another Lotus executive, John Bird, formerly a services director Read More
Web-enabling Legacy Applications
E-business is revolutionizing today’s business processes and transactions. In such a scenario of flux, maintaining legacy applications on staid, costly, and

1 50 scale trucks   Read More
Geac Awakens On Its Deathbed - Part 2: Geac's Response
While Geac’s balance sheet was boosted by recent events, a more positive sign is the company’s intent to become a true software-developing vendor, not simply a

1 50 scale trucks  ERP vendor JBA in 1999. The acquisition unfortunately stopped short of producing the great synergy it seemed to have offered initially. As a result, in the post Y2K ERP slowdown, former JBA's flagship System 21 sales dropped precipitously and the product has all but disappeared off the ERP radar screen. The fact is also that Geac has not significantly enhanced System 21 (except for Web-enabling it through Universal Commerce Adapter ( UCA ) based on Jacada technology and for embedding an acquired RunTime C Read More
J. D. Edwards FOCUSes on Active Supply Chain
With co-founder McVaney once again at the helm, J. D. Edwards flexed its new supply chain management capabilities at FOCUS 2000 in Denver.

1 50 scale trucks  acquired from Numetrix in 1999. Active Supply Chain (ASC) comprises modules for Production Scheduling, Production & Distribution Planning, and Enterprise Planning with a module for discrete production scheduling and order promising slated for release in October. In the year since the Numetrix acquisition, J. D. Edwards has made some enhancements to the core xtr@ applications, but its most significant accomplishment has been to integrate them with its OneWorld enterprise application suite. ASC and OneWorld Read More
CDC Software Wins at the Pivotal Auction. Now What? Part One: Event Summary
While Pivotal might have temporarily mitigated its protracted troubles by having the privilege to choose between three potential suitors, the time for some

1 50 scale trucks  to be more than 1,600 other customers continue to aggressively build its Asian business by leveraging CDC's established distribution capability augment its offshore capabilities in India by accessing chinadotcom's cost-effective India and China-based offshore resources. It is interesting to note that CDC Software was a latecomer to the bidding contest that erupted two months earlier in October. As a matter of fact, CDC had to rework its first cut proposal, since its initial bid was originally rejected b Read More
Data Quality: Cost or Profit?
Data quality has direct consequences on a company's bottom-line and its customer relationship management (CRM) strategy. Looking beyond general approaches and

1 50 scale trucks  Experian , and Group 1 Software provide data cleansing options that sit on top of their database. FirstLogic and Ascential Software , which also have this feature, are considered by the market to be among the data quality oriented vendors. Market Challenger Not many small to medium CRM providers endorse their ability to manage data quality. To the contrary, however, Interface Software has taken responsibility for its share of data quality. The Illinois, US-based CRM vendor specializes in relationship Read More
A Real-world Financial Performance Management Solution for Midsize Organizations
Growing midsize businesses may not have the staff, experience, time, or budget to select, implement, and manage complex tools for data storage, planning

1 50 scale trucks   Read More
Cincom Acknowledges There Is A Composite Applications Environ-ment Out There Part Two: Challenges and User Recommendations
While the evolution strategy is safer in the short run for both the customers and the vendor, minimizing both investment and disruption, the evolutionary

1 50 scale trucks  that end, on March 14, amid worldwide economic woes and strong global competition from peer companies, Cincom Manufacturing Business Solutions claimed to be weathering the storm by providing compelling business value to those seeking to eliminate waste, improve business processes, and integrate disparate business systems In fact, Cincom's case may even illustrate a new role for former traditional ERP vendors. Not only have these vendors expanded their suites to offer supply chain management (SCM), CRM, Read More

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