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How to Keep Stock Balances Accurate
Distributors must ensure the quantity of products shown to be available in their software system agrees with what is physically in their warehouses. If it doesn

hand pallet truck scales  distributors respond that on hand quantities only remain accurate until they start shipping material again. For most distributors cycle counting provides a much better tool for maintaining accurate stock levels than an annual physical inventory. Cycle counting is the process of counting a few products every business day throughout the year. There are three common methods to determine what products to count on a specific day: Random Selection ' Products to be counted are chosen at random. While this Read More

Small Business Software (SBS)
The Small Business Software (SBS) evaluation model targets functional requirements for fully featured solutions designed to support all business requirements of a typical small business. Extending ...
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Documents related to » hand pallet truck scales

Instaply Announces Instaply Mobile Customer Interaction Platform
Instaply, Inc., has launched as a company and introduced its mobile customer interaction platform (MCIP)—free to customers and businesses. The MCIP can be

hand pallet truck scales  experience. On the one hand, Instaply can be used by clients to discover text-friendly businesses and text directly with those businesses, and on the other hand, Instaply lets business register and get immediate exposure to new customers. The platform offers a directory of text-friendly businesses that customers can easily send text messages to without having to have the company information stored on their cellular phones. To better accommodate users, Instaply's look and feel resembles texting Read More
User-Friendliness Considerations for Enterprise Software
I just read Khoi Vinh's quacking cow dolphin post (by way of Nicholas Carr's blog) about how unfriendly he thinks enterprise software is (both posts are

hand pallet truck scales  claims, on the other hand it's a chance to qualitatively rate the user-friendliness of the software. In a recent project, we included a qualitative assessment section for each functional segment of the software . Users qualitatively rated how good they felt each functional area was, based on three criteria Ease-of-use: were the software processes shown, intuitive? How cumbersome is screen navigation? Process fit: does this match how we run our organization? Degree of process improvement: how valuable is Read More
Great Plains' eEnterprise Solution 'N Sync with Microsoft's New Platforms
Great Plains announced that its eEnterprise solution scales considerably better on Microsoft SQL Server 2000 in comparison to Microsoft's SQL Server 7.0.

hand pallet truck scales   Read More
PDM vs. PLM: A Matrix View
Two recent blog posts by Oleg Shilovitsky (PDM vs. PLM: A Data Perspective and PDM vs. PLM: A Process Perspective) got me wondering about what a true product

hand pallet truck scales  and users, on one hand, and between PD&C and other systems, on the other hand? 1. Degree of organizational involvement Today, many manufacturers have capabilities in place to store product data, manage development processes, and facilitate collaboration. What varies among these PD&C systems is the degree of organizational involvement (i.e., how many parties are using the system). The range is from one (the design department) to the extended enterprise (including the manufacturer and its major product Read More
Social Networks: How They're Turning CRM Upside Down
Social networking has collided with customer relationship management, and it's turning the relationship between businesses and their customers upside down

hand pallet truck scales  and on the other hand is the creation of their own social networks. I'll give you a couple of examples. If you go to Facebook right now, which has become a platform, you're finding business people are beginning to populate Facebook in a dramatic fashion. In fact, the age of Facebook members has gone up to around 35 years old, which is hardly college age. The thing that's interesting about that is that you will find that [ chief executive officers ] CEOs of many companies—many practitioner Read More
Jack Link's Beef Jerky Case Study:
A four-phased approach allowed for the gradual assimilation of a new technology into the organization. Start small and feel your way, but think and plan for

hand pallet truck scales  vendor-supplied paper documents using handheld devices and is recorded into the ERP software. As the items are deconsolidated into the smaller totes, the unique ID of the permanent RFID tag attached to the totes is continually associated with the lot information. Raw material lots, which are ingredients into the different production steps, are automatically recorded for lot tracking purposes. The ability now exists to track WIP by the location of the tote. As a result, the company can better leverage the Read More
Integrated Workforce Management (WFM) Platforms: Fact or Fiction? - Part 1
In her recent blog post 12 Things Retailers Did Last Year To Improve Supply Chain... IDC’s analyst Leslie Hand said that many retailers, as one of the top three

hand pallet truck scales  IDC ’s analyst Leslie Hand said that many retailers, as one of the top three priorities of the last year, implemented new “pay and bonus for performance” structures based on current labor standards/ time management  or simply applied new labor standards to their distribution centers (DCs) and warehouse work. Some also implemented comprehensive  workforce management (WFM)  products to better schedule and assign work in their distribution facilities and stores. Sought-after partners most often Read More
Sharing Secrets
The fundamentals of business are fairly simple. Customers have needs, and preferences about the products and services that will fill those needs. Businesses, on

hand pallet truck scales  Businesses, on the other hand, have products or services with features that offer value. Win–win business transactions provide products or services with the features that best satisfy customer needs. This builds lasting relationships—and long-term organizational success. Read More
ERP Selection Case Study: IVT
IVT manufactures and sells heat pumps for houses and properties. The company is one of Sweden’s fastest growing, with an average growth of over 12 percent per

hand pallet truck scales  system, on the other hand, business “can continue as usual,” claims CIO Mathias Ristl. Find out why. Read More
Frankie Does ERP, Part 3
[Editor’s note: Frank is a real person, employed at a real company. However, I’ve changed certain identifying particulars for a variety of reasons. This

hand pallet truck scales  game. On the other hand, if the implementation saves the company, Theodore takes the credit and is awarded another gold star. Theodore’s playing both ends against the middle, and guys who play both ends against the middle irritate me when it happens to be me in the middle. So I walk back over to his office. “Hey Theo, just wanted to get some stats before I call your German friends.” “You never heard of e-mail? What kind of stats?” Theodore doesn’t like stats. They’re too closely related to Read More
Process ERP vs. Discrete ERP Differentiation
People often ask us

hand pallet truck scales  system. On the other hand if your company assembles products from many component parts, you'll require discrete manufacturing functionality. In his article, Process Manufacturing Software: a Primer , Joe Strub explains the difference with examples. Once you make a can of soda, you cannot return it back to its basic components such as carbonated water, citric acid, potassium benzoate, aspartame, and other ingredients. You cannot put the juice back into the orange. A car or computer, on the other hand, Read More
RFID Case Study: Gillette and Provia Part Two: Challenges and Lessons Learned
Compliance with the market RFID mandate has unfortunately preceded the achievements of applied physics and computer science. One of the main obstacles is the

hand pallet truck scales  and processes in exception handling. On the contrary, in many cases, the resource overhead requirements for RFID implementations can often be even greater than traditional methods. Namely, there are no built-in default reconciliation mechanisms to validate whether the data was read or not, which imposes visual checking of goods as a means of reconciliation, which in turn might remove much of the touted value proposition of RFID. Thus, enterprises should conduct a number of tests on the plant, since Read More
Demand-driven Versus Traditional Materials Requirement Planning
Material requirements planning is a system that strives to plan replenishment just before a withdrawal from stock, which does not work in some manufacturing

hand pallet truck scales  whenever the quantity on hand is reduced to a predetermined level, known as the reorder point . On the other hand, master production schedule (MPS) is the anticipated build schedule for those items assigned to the master scheduler. It is a set of planning numbers that drives MRP, and it represents what the company plans to produce, expressed in specific configurations, quantities, and dates. Finally, MRP is a set of techniques that uses bill of material (BOM) data, inventory data, and MPS to calculate Read More
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