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Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)
Radio frequency identification (RFID) criteria cover tags and storage devices, readers, wireless hubs and servers, and the middleware necessary for evaluating an RFID system deployment. RFID sys...
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IBM Express-es Its Candid Desire For SMEs Part Two: Market Impact
SMEs have recently begun to seek integration platforms that address the end-to-end business process management (BPM) rather than the traditional pesky point-to

mine optimisation  the installed base, 2) mine the installed base by offering complementary IBM software (primarily WebSphere and Lotus Domino ), and 3) regenerate growth in the business. In fact, the cross-sale of Domino will have contributed significantly to quite a modest growth the iSeries has had in the past few years. This is Part Two of a three-part note. Part One summarized the Event. Part Three will discuss the Challenges and make User Recommendations. Undisputed Leader in the High-end of the Market IBM remains Read More...
The Demo Crime Files!
This article is part of the continuing education all software demonstrators need to ensure their fundamental skills remain sharp. It points out three common

mine optimisation  was a prospect of mine in Atlanta, Georgia (US). His company was on a system search, and he knew the potential our software offered compared to my competitors. Unfortunately, my competitor handed me my hat in the demonstration. Al was kind enough to point out to me why I almost lost the sale. I''ve never forgotten the lesson. Here''s what he told me: Bob, you have a much better product than your competitor, and I think it would serve us much better. However, the users think the competitor walks on water Read More...
Thinking Radically: Interview with Gary Cokins
One of the things I love about my job is the opportunity I have to speak with great people. In this installment of Thinking Radically, I speak with Gary Cokins,

mine optimisation  diamond in a coal mine or to flog the data—until it confesses the truth. Instead, they first speculate that two or more things are related or that some underlying behavior is driving a pattern to be seen in various data. They apply BI and analytics as confirmation more than as a somewhat random exploration. This requires users to have easy and flexible access to data, the ability to manipulate the data, and the software to support their processes. But IT tends to exhibit gatekeeper behavior, Read More...
Dealership Management System: What Is It and Who Needs It?
What Is a DMS?When one talks about a DMS, people usually think about a document management system, a data management system, or even a destroyer mine

mine optimisation  or even a destroyer mine sweeper. But very few people know that it’s also the acronym for “dealership management system,” which is a product or package of several products which is created specifically for the automotive industry. The core of any DMS is a system similar to enterprise resource planning (ERP), with, however, specific characteristics for car manufacturing, distribution, spare parts inventory, and work order management. DMS packages often also include customer relationship management Read More...
Microsoft Convergence 2013 Observations (From Afar)
Microsoft Convergence 2013, which took place in mid-March 2013 in New Orleans, Louisiana, was reportedly the largest annual Convergence conference ever, with

mine optimisation  can be used to mine clickstreams, page flow, and online/social behaviors. Microsoft will use that engine, and combine it with some upcoming work it is doing in social analytics for gaining new marketing, sales, and customer service insights. More information on this topic can be found here . Embedded social capabilities —Microsoft Dynamics announced an initiative to embed social monitoring capabilities across its Microsoft Dynamics CRM offerings. This initiative has been accelerated with the acquisition Read More...
When Provider''s Value Is Not In Synch With Customer''s Value
Embedded knowledge exists in the supply chain to understand and unlock customer value. Integrating the chain is crucial to aligning the goals of customers and

mine optimisation  returns, and therefore never mine this knowledge. Eco system innovation, the point of performance—using and gaining value from goods and services—is the result of a complex web of partnerships. With long life value at stake, the decision to buy products is beyond just feature or function, but buying into architecture—a continual stream of long-term innovation. Outsourced models of service frequently put someone else in charge of the dissatisfier zone—using the product for a lifetime. These models, Read More...
The Importance of the White Paper and What It Can Do for You
The white paper—a wonderful little piece of literature chock full of thought provoking insight and informative prose—got its start many years ago, long before

mine optimisation  make them a gold mine for prospective software buyers and corporate decision makers alike. But not every white paper is worth its weight in gold—in fact some are downright awful. With every white paper that crosses my desk, a lot of thought goes into whether or not it meets TEC’s editorial standards. TEC aims to provide informative content to its readers, so each and every white paper is vetted to ensure that it measures up to our requirements. How white papers can help the prospective enterprise Read More...
How Can IT Help Competitiveness These Bleak Days? - Part 1
A week before this past Thanksgiving holiday (US), I was invited by a long-term analyst relationship contact at SAP to listen to (via multimedia streaming) a

mine optimisation  , a friend of mine that always uses CVS pointed out that perhaps CVS did this to avoid its employees wasting their time and money fulfilling orders for which customers couldn''t pay. If CVS is such a good proponent of IT technology, why does it still require its customers to keep past receipts in order to get future discounts? Why can''t CVS maintain this electronic receipt information (or a content management system [CMS ]) on a database for its local stores instead? We''re all soon going to be like George Read More...
Symix Expands Its Product Offering While Remaining Profitable
Symix Systems, Inc. announced, it had completed the acquisition of Profit Solutions, Inc. (

mine optimisation  if it wishes to mine its large customer base. Second, the new product will further complicate the manageability of Symix'' portfolio of disparate product lines that run on disparate platforms. User Recommendations Symix should be included on a short list in any selection within the SME market (companies with $30M-$500M in revenue) where discrete manufacturing, assembly, and distribution modules are the main pillars of an enterprise application. However, any organization evaluating Symix Systems should Read More...
Search Engines Used to Attack Databases
Hackers have recently started to use search engines to find web-facing database interfaces that can be used to mount attacks on databases placed behind a

mine optimisation  an attacker can data mine any of the commonly used search engines to find target databases to attack. Read More...
The Case of the Fake Transatlantic Flight: Can You Really Trust Online Tools?
Whether we realize it or not, we all have become more or less dependent on computers, the Internet, and many different and complex computer systems.In both

mine optimisation  A recent experience of mine, however, gave me some food for thought on this matter. I hesitate to declare that we should not trust our computer systems and data but I certainly have some fresh and compelling doubts. My wife recently needed to travel to Europe (from here in Montreal). After driving her to the airport, I opened an online flight tracker that I have been using for quite a while and verified that the airplane had departed on time and that everything seemed to be fine. Considering online Read More...
Thinking Radically: Dr. Morten Middelfart, CTO of TARGIT
In 1997, TARGIT acquired Morton Systems, a company founded by Dr. Morten Middelfart and devoted to providing business intelligence (BI) and analytics solutions.

mine optimisation  one direction per rule mined. For more detailed knowledge about the wonders of data mining, and how sentinel mining works in particular, please refer to targit.com/research . JG. How are these implemented in TARGIT BI? What are the benefits of using them? MM. The most important message with regard to sentinels is that they are easily discovered and applied by end users who need not have any particular data mining knowledge. The fact that a complex data mining algorithm can be embedded and allow an Read More...
Can Technology Make CFO''s and Controller’s Jobs More Strategic? - Part 1
While setting down the thoughts for my recent “SaaSy discussion” blog series To SaaS or Not: Is that a Question?, something else related to software as a

mine optimisation  colleague and friend of mine that has talked to many CFOs and controllers lately tells me that what she is gathering is a two-fold sense of desperation: “We have just got to wring costs out of routine operations!” “The company is counting on me to recommend something, and I do have the BI/BPM tools available, but I spend so much time just keeping the main financials technology framework (and the people trained up on it) going. I don’t have the time I’d like to have (or that I must have) to Read More...
The ROI Dilemma - Part 1 - Look at how bad you Look!
If you''re going to use ROI in order to find new business or, justify your solution, be careful. ROI is a loaded gun and you might just shoot yourself.

mine optimisation  Dick, a friend of mine from J.D. Edwards calls Look at how bad you look! Think about it. Isn''t that what an ROI model is really trying to say? They all seek to justify why, by simply implementing a software solution, someone could save millions of dollars. It''s all about how bad the end user is performing. It''s a real trap for salespeople and pointing out how bad a CFO''s company looks is a common crime. Allow me to introduce you to Jared. If you recognize the name it''s because the Subway Sandwich chain Read More...
Symix Starts New Year Under New Name, But Old Issues Remain
On November 8, Symix Systems began operating as Frontstep, and its common stock will be traded under the symbol

mine optimisation  if it wishes to mine its large customer base. User Recommendations Potential and current Frontstep/Symix users can be assured about the company''s viability and the leading position within its target market. The company has broadened its product lines and seems to have responded to recent market trends. More important will be how well it will manage the name change and brand recognition, how well it will target the right e-business issues for the manufacturing and distribution mid-market and demonstrate Read More...

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