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Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)
Radio frequency identification (RFID) criteria cover tags and storage devices, readers, wireless hubs and servers, and the middleware necessary for evaluating an RFID system deployment. RFID sys...
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SaaS BI Tools: Better Decision Making for the Rest of Us
In the IDC report SaaS BI Tools: Better Decision Making for the Rest of Us , you''ll learn how a SaaS-based BI solution can help employees throughou...

mine optimisation  workers still struggling to mine data from spreadsheets and other unstructured sources of data? In the IDC report SaaS BI Tools: Better Decision Making for the Rest of Us , you''ll learn how a SaaS-based BI solution can help employees throughout your organization make better, faster decisions —and turn your company into a more efficient, profitable, and competitive operation. Find out SaaS-based BI can work for you. Download your PDF copy of SaaS BI Tools: Better Decision Making for the Rest of Us Read More...
The ROI Dilemma - Part 1 - Look at how bad you Look!
If you''re going to use ROI in order to find new business or, justify your solution, be careful. ROI is a loaded gun and you might just shoot yourself.

mine optimisation  Dick, a friend of mine from J.D. Edwards calls Look at how bad you look! Think about it. Isn''t that what an ROI model is really trying to say? They all seek to justify why, by simply implementing a software solution, someone could save millions of dollars. It''s all about how bad the end user is performing. It''s a real trap for salespeople and pointing out how bad a CFO''s company looks is a common crime. Allow me to introduce you to Jared. If you recognize the name it''s because the Subway Sandwich chain Read More...
Microsoft Convergence 2013 Observations (From Afar)
Microsoft Convergence 2013, which took place in mid-March 2013 in New Orleans, Louisiana, was reportedly the largest annual Convergence conference ever, with

mine optimisation  can be used to mine clickstreams, page flow, and online/social behaviors. Microsoft will use that engine, and combine it with some upcoming work it is doing in social analytics for gaining new marketing, sales, and customer service insights. More information on this topic can be found here . Embedded social capabilities —Microsoft Dynamics announced an initiative to embed social monitoring capabilities across its Microsoft Dynamics CRM offerings. This initiative has been accelerated with the acquisition Read More...
Revionics Making Retail Merchandizing Optimization Social
In November 2012, Revionics, Inc., a cloud-based provider of merchandise optimization solutions, acquired SkuLoop, a provider of social commerce-driven

mine optimisation  the social chatter to mine insights and incorporate them into improved tactics to gain or hold market position. Social network sentiment data can provide significant insight into consumer behaviors and expectations relative to pricing practices. Multichannel retailers should diligently pursue an ongoing practice of listening to their consumers (sensing their price sensitivity) to understand their “Four Ps” preferences and trends. Engage Shoppers Where They Are Today’s shoppers are instrumented, inte Read More...
Catering to Small and Medium-Size Enterprises
With opportunities in the large enterprise marketplace shrinking due to increased penetration, small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs) are starting to receive

mine optimisation  in other articles, including mine, this is easier said than done but should be the going-in proposition. Well, that was easy. Consider scaling back the scope of the implementation. This might be accomplished by reducing or restricting the number of locations being included in the initial implementation. Heresy you say! The operations will continue, perhaps not as well as could be, at all locations. While you are not completely maximizing profits, this approach allows you get your feet wet before drowning Read More...
Gosh, They Kill Partnerships, Don''t They?
There is nothing new in the fact that software partnerships do not last long. While Commerce One would face serious consequences if there were a breakup with

mine optimisation  turn the potential gold mine opportunity down or to end up feeling taken advantage of. As a summary, without intentions of sounding like a talk show counselor, regardless of who of the partners is to blame for the loss of love in the family, nobody seems to be a beneficiary from a rocky or failed relationship; look for both SAP'' and Commerce One''s ''threading on eggs'' kind of walk in the near future. User Recommendations While the relationship will continue, it will not likely be lavishly nurtured. Read More...
Breaking the language barrier with PBS.5 Trans-lingual Technology.
New technology in enterprise asset management (EAM) is changing the way multinational companies manage joint venture operations. With new growth opportunities

mine optimisation  at the Daning Coal Mine used Trans-lingual EAM to remove the language barriers to protect their $84 million (USD) investment. Read More...
Paradigm Designs Software
Paradigm Designs Software (PDS) is a software development house, incorporated in 1992 to design, develop, sell, and install information products. PDS''s

mine optimisation  a US/Chinese joint venture mine. PDS has experience integrating its solutions to third party products. Some of the industries the company focuses on include pulp and paper, food manufacturing, general manufacturing, engineering services, mining, and fleet and port infrastructure. PDS operates on a reseller model working closely with a number of firms that focus on sales and implementation of PBS5, while PDS focuses on continued product developement. Paradigm Designs Software is headquartered in Victoria, Read More...
How the Mining Industry Benefits from ERP Systems
Integrated enterprise resource planning software normalizes the reporting requirements for a mining company’s various departments. This article loosely shows

mine optimisation  lifetime estimate of the mine (based on a prescribed rate of depletion), labor, installation and amortization of fixed assets; cost of converting currency and royalties; and taxes. All things being favorable, the infrastructure planning for roadways, railways, and so forth is done in conjunction with the ore extraction department. Exploration costs are based on overheads and on time and materials. Typically, this cost is converted to a per diem charge (dollars per day, amortized over a year). 2. Ore Read More...
Six Keys to Exceeding Expectations with Inventory Optimization Initiatives
Inventory optimization is a proven vehicle to gain competitive value through reduced inventory, freed-up working capital, and improved service levels. But

mine optimisation  few months should be examined skeptically. Inventory Optimization uses the data your ERP or advanced planning system have accumulated as its input, delivers optimized inventory plans, policies and specific inventory level targets as its output – which are fed right back into those ERP and advanced planning systems. The work of the supply chain team is to ensure that the master data, assumptions and inventory components are properly configured in data sets, not to manage a complex or lengthy Read More...
Yanacocha: A Model Mine in Operations and Mining Management
Achieving operational excellence is fundamental for Yanacocha, the largest gold producer in South America. In 1999, Yanacocha decided it needed an online system

mine optimisation  A Model Mine in Operations and Mining Management Achieving operational excellence is fundamental for Yanacocha, the largest gold producer in South America. In 1999, Yanacocha decided it needed an online system linking its principal management areas (operations, maintenance, logistics, finance, and human resources), in order to optimize efficiency in administering its assets. It turned to Mincom Ellipse as its corporate management system, allowing standardization of its operations worldwide. Read More...
Going from Good to Great
Creating a great Website depends on strategy, and the investment of time and energy in continuous improvement. Learn how techniques like search engine marketing

mine optimisation  from Good to Great Search Engine Optimization, (SEO) is a magical word that everybody is spealing about in the online world. SEO can influence the search engine in order to show your links on the top positions for special keywords. Source : bwired Resources Related to Going from Good to Great : Search Engine Marketing (SEM) (Wikipedia) Search Engine Optimization (SEO) (Wikipedia) Going from Good to Great Search Engines is also known as : Search Engine Optimisation , Search Engine Optimization Read More...
Infinium Putting its Cards on the Table
On April 20, Infinium Software, a provider of Web-based enterprise solutions and services, announced that it introduced many significant new offerings at

mine optimisation  offering in order to mine its large customer base and potential new users. Its acquisition of Dutch CRM vendor Dexon Information Systems earlier this year should result in a true synergy for a number of reasons. First, Dexon had a renowned market presence and customers within the European market, which supplements Infinium''s North American strong presence and adds to its top line. Second, there is platform compatibility, since both products are AS/400 based, which should mitigate the integration effort to Read More...
These Are the Times of CRM Vindication and Validation - Part 1
Some previous TEC blog posts have discussed the benefits (but also the inevitable caveats) of white papers, including the all-too-common vendors’ self

mine optimisation  scrambled to retain and mine existing clients for new opportunities, while superior customer service remains a differentiator in these times when lower prices and higher quality are a given. In an ever-increasing competitive environment, the window between product conception and innovation on one hand, and commoditization on the other hand, is getting ever smaller. This phenomenon increases the need to  differentiate around customer service to distinguish any organization from its competition . And, as Read More...
When Provider''s Value Is Not In Synch With Customer''s Value
Embedded knowledge exists in the supply chain to understand and unlock customer value. Integrating the chain is crucial to aligning the goals of customers and

mine optimisation  returns, and therefore never mine this knowledge. Eco system innovation, the point of performance—using and gaining value from goods and services—is the result of a complex web of partnerships. With long life value at stake, the decision to buy products is beyond just feature or function, but buying into architecture—a continual stream of long-term innovation. Outsourced models of service frequently put someone else in charge of the dissatisfier zone—using the product for a lifetime. These models, Read More...

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