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Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)
Radio frequency identification (RFID) criteria cover tags and storage devices, readers, wireless hubs and servers, and the middleware necessary for evaluating an RFID system deployment. RFID sys...
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Web-site Strategy for Organizations in the Corporate Services Industry
As marketing budgets shrink and companies in the corporate services industry aim to leverage their Web sites as less expensive alternatives to traditional

mine optimisation  track conversion rates and determine which calls to action the target audience is responding to can then assist in refining and developing the most appropriate mechanisms. 5. Improving Operational Efficiency Organisations in the Corporate Services industry must often deal with copious amounts of documentation, which requires handling by multiple parties and coordination with multiple databases. Improving operational efficiency in this particular area can dramatically improve overall operational Read More...
PeopleSoft Revamps World for Its Mid-Market
PeopleSoft needs to more efficiently mine its client base by doing a better job of selling the broadened offering, by getting its affiliate channel both excited

mine optimisation  needs to more efficiently mine its client base by doing a better job of selling the broadened offering, by getting its affiliate channel both excited about the product portfolio, and by upgrading the channel''s ability to sell. For new customers, the vendor will still have to resolve the predicament of its association with the old, green-screen, AS/400 product. Despite IBM''s efforts to counter the platform''s image of being proprietary (even by renaming it into iSeries, i5 , etc.), the market has been slow Read More...
MAPICS Red Ink Stained While Extending Its Offering
In May MAPICS Inc. announced the controlled delivery of the Point.Man Extended Enterprise Edition. Earlier, on May 4, MAPICS Inc. reported results for the

mine optimisation  and can help it mine its existing customer base. The biggest challenge for MAPICS and its affiliate channel will be the management of dual flagship product lines. It will be difficult to support existing customers and existing products, while juggling competitive product lines. Since the product lines seem to remain separate in the long run, it will add additional development costs, as well as provide a challenge in explaining the position of the different products. The company will have to revise its Read More...
Managing Risks, Managing Measures: Decision Support Methodologies in Business Part 2 : Decision Aids
Though many academic methods exist, few actually reach the audience they need to reach because of the barrier between academic and business languages, as well

mine optimisation  user has tools to mine for the issues) are needed, as point 4 above discusses. What one can do is view what methods are actually in use, even if they are not known by their academic name. For example, procurement largely uses unbeknownst to most procurement officers MAUT (Multi-Attribute Utility Theory). In fact, of all methods used in business world, this is almost certainly the most prevalent, despite claims from, for example, the AHP (Analytic Hierarchy Process) camp. Whether it is used correctly or Read More...
The Importance of the White Paper and What It Can Do for You
The white paper—a wonderful little piece of literature chock full of thought provoking insight and informative prose—got its start many years ago, long before

mine optimisation  make them a gold mine for prospective software buyers and corporate decision makers alike. But not every white paper is worth its weight in gold—in fact some are downright awful. With every white paper that crosses my desk, a lot of thought goes into whether or not it meets TEC’s editorial standards. TEC aims to provide informative content to its readers, so each and every white paper is vetted to ensure that it measures up to our requirements. How white papers can help the prospective enterprise Read More...
Case Study: Small Retail Chain Gears Up for Rapid Growth
Elephant Pharm, a start-up retail chain in the natural health and wellness retail market, needed a software solution to help the company compete with the bigger

mine optimisation  a big worry of mine. We were trying to compete with the big guys and have the higher level of system control that the big guys have, but still do it with our small store chain, as well as the small amount of staff we have to run the system. When evaluating Aldata, we were actually able to segment that out and understand exactly what would be needed to run our business on Aldata, and it actually ended up being a really good fit. The second half of that was the implementation. Some of these implementations Read More...
Big Data Analytics: Profiling the Use of Analytical Platforms in User Organizations
While terabytes used to be synonymous with big data warehouses, now it’s petabytes, and the rate of growth in data volumes continues to escalate as

mine optimisation  use of analytics to mine that data. Read More...
Mining Diamonds, Finding Gold
A man leaves his farm in search of the richest diamond mine in the world only to die penniless when, all along, unknown to him, his own land was rich with the

mine optimisation  of the richest diamond mine in the world only to die penniless when, all along, unknown to him, his own land was rich with the jewels he longed to find. That’s the fable at the heart of AXA Equitable’s ongoing successful marketing program called Mining Diamonds. And the customer intelligence behind the program? SAS. Read the full story now. Read More...
So, Tell Me a Little Bit About Yourself
If you know nothing about a company, you should be able to figure out the bare essentials by visiting its About Us page, right?Turns out this is only true

mine optimisation  the same size as mine Whether the company does one or more of these things in a way that’s demonstrably better than its competitors That’s the information I need right away, and if I don’t get it, or don’t understand it, I’ll probably look elsewhere. I’m not saying that all companies can be as concise as Digg (who does one thing, does it well, and does it for free), but there’s no reason that every company can’t tell me, in 50 words or less, enough about what they do to keep me interested. Read More...
MAPICS Clings To Its Customers'' Loyalty
While the existing loyal client base remains MAPICS’ greatest trump for retaining its solid financial position, the company will have to figure out how to be

mine optimisation  needs to more efficiently mine its client base by doing a better job of selling the broadened offering, by getting its affiliate channel both excited about the product portfolio and by upgrading the channel''s ability to sell. However, that will suffice only in a short-to-mid term. Therefore, strategically, MAPICS will have to solve the ''new deals'' conundrum in a world where smaller vendors with older products have a problem to overcome the market''s perception, in addition to scarce resources and an onslau Read More...
What Good Is Information If Nobody Sees It?
Keeping detailed historical information is a great idea in theory, but how can it be merged with current data to enable split-second decisions? Two companies

mine optimisation  companies that want to mine the wealth of information they are collecting. User Recommendations This is a slick product. Its ability to show views of current data and their relationship to historical data can be very powerful tools for marketers who need to monitor and respond to trends as they develop. Not everyone has such a need, but there are certainly some sites that can respond to real-time information by adjusting their campaigns. They will definitely want to consider this product. A product like t Read More...
Talking to an Unrelenting Cloud Enthusiast - Part 2
Part 1 of this blog series introduced Xactly Corporation, a provider of fully multi-tenant, software as a service (SaaS)-based solutions for sales performance

mine optimisation  the only way to mine sales data in an efficient, timely and effective manner. As a result we can process analytics up to 100 times faster than the tradition on-premise and hosted providers. This is the difference between usable analytics and slide-ware. In terms of mobile, it is a must. Sales people are increasingly mobile and we enable them to access critical sales compensation information from their preferred mobile devices – anytime, anywhere. We are the only SPM company with a native Apple iPad Read More...
How Has MAPICS Been Extending?
MAPICS, one of the leading mid-market ERP vendors, has significantly expanded its product offering during 2000. On June 15, MAPICS announced the release of XA 6

mine optimisation  and can help it mine its existing customer base. This merger has created a company with potential combined revenue of $160M and a product portfolio that can run on all major hardware platforms, thereby leapfrogging most of its competitors in the mid-range ERP market. We favorably regard the company''s recent e-business initiatives, which are in tune with the market trends and its customers'' requirements. Moreover, we condone MAPICS downplaying its role as yet another ERP-turned-e-commerce vendor in favor Read More...
Exploring Epicor Productivity Pyramid - Part 2
Part 1 of this blog series introduced Epicor Software Corporation’s set of tools called the Epicor Productivity Pyramid. The Pyramid enables one of Epicor’s

mine optimisation  lists, monitor simple metrics, mine into related data, and leverage Microsoft SharePoint Server or  Windows SharePoint Services (WSS)  for Template Libraries, Collaborative Document Libraries, and Updatable Workflow Libraries. Epicor IW: Epicor ERP + Microsoft Office In summary, Epicor IW provides an intuitive and standardized user interface (UI) that can be personalized, has an easy navigation, and conforms to Microsoft standards. The product looks and feels like other Microsoft applications, especiall Read More...
Thinking Radically: Interview with Gary Cokins
One of the things I love about my job is the opportunity I have to speak with great people. In this installment of Thinking Radically, I speak with Gary Cokins,

mine optimisation  diamond in a coal mine or to flog the data—until it confesses the truth. Instead, they first speculate that two or more things are related or that some underlying behavior is driving a pattern to be seen in various data. They apply BI and analytics as confirmation more than as a somewhat random exploration. This requires users to have easy and flexible access to data, the ability to manipulate the data, and the software to support their processes. But IT tends to exhibit gatekeeper behavior, Read More...

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