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The Lexicon of CRM - Part 1: From A to I
C.R.M. itself is an acronym, standing for Customer Relationship Management. This is part one of three-part article to provide explanation and meaning for most

practical applications of data mining  and CPR on BPR: Practical Guidelines for Successful Business Process Analysis . Business Intelligence (a.k.a. Analytics ) - A global term used to represent the ability of software to generate information (via reports, graphs, and charts) about the performance of various aspects of the company and its customer relationships to foster intelligent decision-making. C   Call Me Now - A web-based electronic Service (or eService ) feature which enables the customer to immediately request that a support Read More

Business Intelligence (BI)
Business intelligence (BI) and performance management applications enable real-time, interactive access, analysis, and manipulation of mission-critical corporate information. These applications pro...
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Documents related to » practical applications of data mining

Sage Analyst Day 2011: Not your Older Brother’s Sage - Part 3
Part 1 of this series analyzed the transformative events during the last few years at Sage Group, Plc (LSE: SGE) and its Sage North America subsidiary. These

practical applications of data mining  But there is a practical limit on how much new software a customer might buy or lease, and this is especially true in the small and medium enterprises (SME) market, where the number of users per customer entity is low. To that end, the Grow pillar refers to enabling partners to drive new business. Sage’s connected business services as well as existing and upcoming online solutions might come in handy here as a “green field” play that offers greater growth prospects. Concluding Remarks In many ways, Read More
Customer Life Cycle Solutions: Strategic Alliances, Challenges, & User Recommendations
Collaboration between Amdocs and SAS, if truly committed to by both, should make it possible to collect and analyze information stored in these Amdocs' systems,

practical applications of data mining  form of graphs and practical reports. Meeting CSP Requirements This partnership is yet another and likely the final attempt by Amdocs to address the campaign management and customer analytics requirements of its CSP customers. Previously, in early 2003, Amdocs acquired some of the assets of Xchange including about one hundred customers; however, it has been remiss with a viable strategy to revive the product line, which will now be officially retired after 2005. Initially, over twenty companies expressed Read More
Finding the Right BPM Solution-and Making It Work for You
In a previous blog post, I discussed the importance of data management capabilities of a business intelligence (BI) solution. To recap briefly, the Pareto chart

practical applications of data mining  but also from a practical business perspective to get real-time information and set realistic goals and expectations (based on facts rather than on “gut-based” decisions). In other words, BPM enables organizations to assess how well they are achieving their business goals and how to improve upon this. More methodology, less technology? By this I don’t advocate avoiding of technological considerations, but rather focusing on meeting the real business needs. The functional features of a BPM Read More
Business Intelligence Standardization
Business intelligence (BI) is often an area of friction between information technology (IT) (who provide information) and the business users (who need it to do

practical applications of data mining  Business Intelligence Infrastructure | Practical Implementation of BI Standards | Cost Savings | BI Evaluations | BI Market | Different BI Products | Advantages of Implementing BI Standards | Implementing a BI Competency Center | Better Alignment with Your Business Users | Long-Term BI Strategy | Clearly Defined BI Standards | Choosing Business Objects as a Standard | BI Maturity | Business Intelligent | Successful Implementation of BI Standards | Business Value of Existing BI Applications | Most Standard Read More
Linked Enterprise Data: Data at the heart of the company
The data silos of today's business information systems (IS) applications, and the pressure from the current economic climate, globalization, and the Internet

practical applications of data mining  data silo,business information systems,linked enterprise data,LED,business intelligence,BI,master data management,MDM,service-oriented architecture,SOA,search engines,Antidot,Antidot white paper,semantic web Read More
SAP Remains One Of The Market’s Beacons Of Hope
On April 19, SAP announced upbeat results for Q1 2001, contradicting thereby the current market malaise. However, flat currency adjusted license revenue in the

practical applications of data mining  Remains One Of The Market’s Beacons Of Hope SAP Remains One Of The Market's Beacons Of Hope P.J. Jakovljevic - May 17, 2001 Event Summary On April 19, SAP AG (NYSE: SAP), the leading provider of business software solutions, announced its results for the quarter ended March 31, 2001. In Q1 2001, revenues increased 29% over the same period last year from EUR 1.2 billion to EUR 1.5 billion (See Figure 1). Net income in the quarter more than doubled (up 117%) to EUR 117 million compared to a year earlier Read More
Types of Project Management Communication: Part One of a Three-part Series
As with almost every business activity, the importance of communication cannot be overstated when managing projects. Examining the various phases of project

practical applications of data mining   Read More
Operationalizing the Buzz: Big Data 2013
The world of Big Data is maturing at a dramatic pace and supporting many of the project activities, information users and financial sponsors that were once the

practical applications of data mining  Enterprise Management Associates, EMA, 9sight Consulting, big data, hybrid data ecosystem, real-time data, big data buzz, big data requirements, big data challenges, big data architecture Read More
Data Security Is Less Expensive than Your Next Liability Lawsuit: Best Practices in Application Data Security
Insecure data. Heavy fines due to non-compliance. Loss of customers and reputation. It adds up to a nightmare scenario that businesses want to avoid at all

practical applications of data mining   Read More
The Value of Big Data
As the use of big data grows, the need for data management will also grow. Many organizations already struggle to manage existing data. Big data adds complexity

practical applications of data mining  big data,data management,analytics,SAP Read More
The Advantages of Row- and Rack-oriented Cooling Architectures for Data Centers
The traditional room-oriented approach to data center cooling has limitations in next-generation data centers. Next-generation data centers must adapt to

practical applications of data mining  remains an effective and practical alternative for lower density installations and those applications where IT technology changes are minimal. Row and rack-oriented cooling architecture provides the flexibility, predictability, scalability, reduced electrical power consumption, reduced TCO, and optimum availability that next-generations data centers require. Users should expect that many new product offerings from suppliers will utilize these approaches. It is expected that many data centers will utilize Read More
The Integration Factor: The Inherent Value of Best-of-Class Enterprise Solutions
Monolithic ERP systems have proved inflexible in a period of change. The cost of maintenance and modifications are often prohibitively expensive. Yet most best

practical applications of data mining  Integration Factor: The Inherent Value of Best-of-Class Enterprise Solutions Monolithic ERP systems have proved inflexible in a period of change. The cost of maintenance and modifications are often prohibitively expensive. Yet most best-of-class applications generally lack strong integration tools. As a result, many companies cannot support change effectively. See how you can supplement the capabilities of your legacy ERP solutions with a flexible, innovative financial management system-and thrive Read More
Instead of Discounting, Back Some Value Out of Your Proposal
Last minute discounting has become so prevalent that many companies have come to depend on it as their default sales strategy. Employing a go-to-market strategy

practical applications of data mining  customer relation management,customer relations management,customer relationship,customer relationship management,customer relationship management activities,customer relationship management application,customer relationship management applications,customer relationship management article,customer relationship management association,customer relationship management at,customer relationship management benefits,customer relationship management best practices,customer relationship management companies,customer relationship management consultant,customer relationship management consulting Read More

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