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Boutique Vendors Can Bring Big Value
What is a boutique vendor? It tends to be small and highly focused. It is typically very strong in its chosen area. It will often prove to be the solution

under ground minning vendors  can meet with and understand how their key executives view your situation, how well they understand your needs, look into their eyes and understand their commitments to you and the market you represent. Due to a better understanding of your needs and typically a smaller organization, boutique vendors tend to be more nimble and accommodating in meeting customers' needs. They understand issues like seasonality, cash flow, economic cycles, etc. Their relationship with you often reflects these realities. Read More

Mining Industry (ERP & CMMS)
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Documents related to » under ground minning vendors

What Screen-scraping Vendors Don't Want You to Know
This white paper focuses on a side of screen-scraping that vendors won't talk about. It details four drawbacks to screen-scraping that you won't discover until

under ground minning vendors  modernization,screen-scraping,application modernization Read More
More Vendors Bail on Oracle in Favor of IBM
Oracle’s focus on software application markets is impacting its Database business. Recently SAP AG and Siebel Systems, i2 Technologies, Inc., and PeopleSoft

under ground minning vendors  enterprise resource planning,supply chain strategy,supply chain,business intelligence erp,erp vendor,crm vendors,crm strategy,demand planning,erp and crm,crm implementation,supply chain outsourcing,b2b supply chain,supply chain collaboration,supply chain visibility,supply chain metrics Read More
The ERP Market 2001 And Beyond - Part 3: Rating The Vendors
We generally believe that, in the long run, market winners will be those vendors with an established large customer base and with huge financial and human

under ground minning vendors  SAP - A Leader Under Reconstruction . Oracle remains fortified as second largest ERP vendor after swiftly embracing the Internet architecture during 1999. However, the company seems to be somewhat running out of steam recently owing to the economic slowdown and competitors' catch up efforts. Strengths : Corporate viability, Brand recognition and mind share, Product horizontal functionality breadth and scalability, Technology infrastructure ownership, Strong international professional services, Early Read More
Valid Ground Consulting, Inc.

under ground minning vendors  Ground Consulting, Inc. Read More
Federal Contract Management and Vendors' Readiness Part One: Entry of Small Vendors into Federal Contracts
When all enterprise vendors go for ERP and like solutions to help improve the business of small, midsize, and large aerospace and defense (A&D); engineer-to

under ground minning vendors  certificate project management,contract manufacturing,courses project management,critical chain project management,engineering project management,enterprise resource planning,enterprise resource planning erp,enterprise resource planning software,enterprise resource planning system,enterprise resource planning systems,enterprise resource planning vendors,erp project management,free project management software,getting on the gsa schedule,gsa consultant Read More
Business Intelligence Vendors
Current pure play business intelligence (BI) leaders offer the advantage of superior analytics and planning capabilities; however, enterprise resource planning

under ground minning vendors  data stored in existing underlying transactional systems which will allow everyone across the enterprise to work with the same version of accurate, up-to-date information. In May, Geac launched a major new release, Geac MPC 7 , which should offer Global 2000 companies multiple benefits, including improved enterprise-wide planning and alignment, streamlined reporting, and simplified compliance. The product, which has already been delivered to early adopter customers, will be generally available worldwide Read More
PLM (Vendors) and Lean Product Development - Part I: An Overview
“Basically, lean is [focused on] creating more value with less work.” – Wikipedia, Lean ManufacturingNo matter who can be credited with making this

under ground minning vendors   Read More
Vendors Strive for Segment Pack Leader Status; Does Retalix Measure Up?
Software vendors strive to be leaders in their areas of expertise and Retalix seems to be no exception. But how do we recognize a segment pack leader and what

under ground minning vendors  establish benchmarks for measurement Simple-to-understand expanded supply chain or supply network messages with a technology footprint for supporting future cross-enterprise collaborative opportunities Implementation methodologies that manage tasks and risks, and are standardized for the sector of domain expertise Ability to execute in the field resulting in deployments that are flagship references Strong post-implementation support structures and personnel that are vertically aligned When selecting a Read More
Two Stalwart Vendors Discuss Mid-market Issues
In continuing our first-time ever questions-and-answers series for software applications vendors, Infor and IFS, two upper mid-market, stalwart vendors, express

under ground minning vendors  a single vendor to undertake. IFS will continue to develop partnerships on a case by case basis where it adds overall value, and that includes occasionally partnering with competitors if we can mutually benefit. Infor : Infor is committed to hybrid sales models with direct sales teams and channel partners (VARs). We do not recruit thousands of VARs and let the market sort out the survival of the fittest. We rather work closely with our channel partners to provide a genuine, long-term business Read More
Mid-Market ERP Vendors Doing CRM & SCM In A DIY Fashion Part 2: Market Impact
Tier2/Tier 3 vendors are prepared to endure the onslaught of the likes of SAP, Oracle, and PeopleSoft, as well as of proverbial mid-market leaders such as J.D

under ground minning vendors  growing demands on the underlying collaborative product architecture and functionality, with customers remaining vendor viability cautious. A further degree of integration and convergence will likely take place between ERP, SCM and CRM applications in 2002, with SCM and CRM moving towards the transactional aspects that have until lately been the stronghold of ERP. Customers increasingly demand that these applications collaborate better with one another and with external, third-party applications. Also, Read More
What Can Pure CPQ Vendors Do Now?
For a few years now, pundits have opined that the quote-to-order (Q2O)/configure, price, quote (CPQ) realm is not sustainable as a standalone enterprise

under ground minning vendors   Read More
CIO Horror Stories and What They Mean For Vendors
Customers and vendors do not always see eye to eye as illustrated in the following horror stories about how customers have been treated by vendors. The vendors

under ground minning vendors  followed, but also to understand the need for exceptions. One chief information office r (CIO) told us his personal horror stories about how he had been treated by vendors. This CIO wanted to spend money, but the vendors apparently did not want his money. The vendors did the opposite of selling; they pushed this company and the CIO away. Our CIO has had that title for over ten years. Today, the company has $2 billion (USD) in revenue, with operations in 22 countries. Headquarters (HQ) is located in a Read More
5 Steps for Switching ERP Vendors
Learn how in 5 Steps for Switching ERP Vendors.

under ground minning vendors  steps switching erp vendors,steps,switching,erp,vendors,switching erp vendors,steps erp vendors,steps switching vendors,steps switching erp. Read More
Working with Smaller ERP Vendors: The Pros and the Cons
During briefings with small ERP vendors, I often hear the argument that they are more flexible and can better respond to their customers’ needs than larger

under ground minning vendors  who can help you understand how capable the vendor is, try to get a commitment from the vendor that the critical data is being imported properly, and make sure you know what the vendor plans to do if the import is not successful. “Do-overs” should not be an option, but certainly you should insist on penalties (e.g., discounts, or extra services) in the worst-case scenario. The success of the implementation depends on many factors (e.g., project management, solution complexity, etc.), but providing Read More

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